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The Hidden Benefits You Get When You Buy Viagra

Considered to be the magical cure for sexual dysfunction, Viagra or ‘Sildenafil’ has come a long way and is a mainstay in today’s society. More studies are carried out on the potential capabilities of this wonder drug which became available in 1998. What you may not know is that when you buy Viagra, there are many other benefits of this drug than you may realize.


Conditions Of The Heart And Lungs

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a potentially life threatening heart and lung condition prevalent in about 15-50 cases per million each year. This condition causes an increase in blood pressure and treatment options are limited. Following examination of clinical studies, scientists recommend to buy Viagra for PAH as it causes blood vessels in the lung to relax. This prevents the constriction that causes hypoxia and pulmonary hypertension.

Benefits Men Who Have Heart Failure

Men who suffer from congestive heart failure (CHF) should buy Viagra because it lowers the heart and blood pressure during exercise (sexual activity included). Further, it has shown potential to improve the condition of CHF sufferers. Upto70% of CHF are also patients with erectile dysfunction and many men have either been afraid to engage in sexual activity or buy Viagra thinking that taking this with their present medication would have adverse effects. However, it is highly encouraged for these men now to buy Viagra, as they can take their usual tablets without any side effects.

Helps Stroke Patients

A research team based in Iceland recommends using Viagra to help stroke patients. They have found that there is a gene responsible for the growth of blood vessels causing an increase in the risk of having a stroke. It is believed that if you buy Viagra and use it as a medication, this gene can be blocked. The benefit of this drug for stroke patients was also presented at the 27th International Stroke Conference in Texas in 2002.

Benefits Diabetic Patients

Researches based at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore found that you can buy Viagra to maintain diabetes. It is believed to keep insulin and blood sugar levels at an even level, which is a vital factor. The researchers also found that people with gastroparesis or delayed stomach emptying should consider to buy Viagra. Gastroparesis obstructs digestion and cause dehydration and loss of appetite is a problem suffered by 75% of diabetic patients. The results from tests showed that this magic drug helped relax the stomach muscles of animals and currently trials are carried out on humans.


Woman buy Viagra nowadays as an aid to fertility and results have showed a dramatic increase in the chances of pregnancy in certain groups of women. The breakthrough to this discovery was carried out by the American Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Nevada and the researchers believe that this drug works by aiding blood flow to the uterus. There are thousands women who cannot conceive as their uterine lining is too thin. Not even IVF has been able to help them as their womb lining is not thick enough support pregnancy. Now women buy Viagra as a solution as it helps to dilate blood vessels and promote the growth of uterus lining with no side effects.

Helps Sexual Function In Females

Women who have been through menopause or hysterectomy are encouraged to buy Viagra according to a study that has been conducted. In both of the cases, women to find a loss of production of the female home and can experience sexual problems, such as loss of sensation of lubrication. The magic blue pill works by increasing blood flow to the genitals area caused by effects of increased nitric oxide.

Increases Exercise Capacity

Mountaineers buy Viagra to protect themselves from developing lung problems that are usually associated with high altitudes. Tests have shown that this drug allows mountaineers to tolerate the lack of oxygen. It is also a sports performance enhancer as it had a similar effect at sea level. This drug is known to improve the performance in individuals in racehorses as they sometimes suffer lung bleeding and edema following a race.

Neo Natal Care

A premature baby from Norwich, UK was given this drug to treat her heart and lung problem. Her heart had stopped at one point and the doctors had advised to buy Viagra to open up her arteries. It worked as it increases blood flow through the pulmonary artery from the heart to the lungs.

Does It Increase Libido in Women?

Questions have been raised by women as to whether they can buy Viagra and if it would have the same effect? There are alternative to this drug for women. There have been reports of women using this drug but it is always advised to speak to your doctor as in the wrong circumstances, this little blue pill can kill! If you are women that think you need to buy Viagra as you have a decreased libido, the best place to look is your relationship first. Are there any problems in your relationship? Are you stressed or have anxiety problems? Get help for these problems and your libido should return to normal. Ginseng and Evening Primrose Oil are thought to increase libido but not many studies have been done. However, avoid the idea of thinking this drug can work on a woman without consulting the experts first.

Helps Drooping Plants To Recover

A study conducted by scientists at the University of the West of England investigated the link between flaccid flowers and male impotence. The same chemical chain of events is thought to be involved in both situations and this magic drug seems to be the key answer to help droopy plants.

Consult Your Doctor First

This drug is easily available on internet sides and manufacturers sell it directly to consumers via the TV. However if you want to buy Viagra, for whatever benefit it might be, it is best to consult your doctor first and get their opinion.